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Use Growth X to get more REAL instagram followers by automatically FINDING & INTERACTING with targeted IG users

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Automate Your Growth

Stop wasting time with old fashion instagram follower growth tricks. Our software uses your Instagram page to automatically follow, like, and comment with targeted users every minute of the day.


By automatically engaging with thousands of targeted users, our technology is more powerful than paid advertising.


No more hashtags and taking hours to follow for follow, we automate the entire outreach process for you.


Instagram is no longer just a social app, there is real money to be made and we put you one step closer to closing brand deals.

Curious to see how our clients pages have grown? Check out the video below

Target Your Ideal Fanbase

To target your audience we use: hashtags, location geo-tags and (the most powerful) similar Instagram pages. We give you the ability to specifically find people that will be most likely to engage with your content and become a loyal fan.

Bury Your Competition

Anybody looking to become an influencer or has an eCommerce store would be a fool not to use artificial intelligence to grow their page. Without engaging with new users each day you’re missing out on getting in front of 1,000+ more TARGETED users each day. In the most powerful form of social media communication – engagement. 

  • Choose what you want to automate (like, comment, follow)
  • Increase organic engagement for paid partnerships
  • Grow your music fanbase


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Schedule a free consultation with our team to ask any questions about artificial intelligence or adding Growth X on multiple pages. For any special inquiries (fan pages, verified pages) don’t hesitate to ask!

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Let's Clear Things Up

Yes, these are real instagram users like you and I. The instagram page you put in our system will be engaging with real users based on location, tags, and similar users you give to us.

GrowthX is an automation tool for your Instagram account. The fastest way to get new followers is to engage with new people that would be interested in what you post. We use our custom built bot technology to engage with thousands of those relevant users on Instagram everyday.

Our software periodically unfollows each user that’s followed by our system. You can also manually unfollow people yourself, that way you gain followers and clear your following number every day.

“So idk what kind of witchcraft you did but the service is amazing lol. I woke up with like 30 likes today. Not sure why I wasn’t using this before but I’m running this on my account forever.”


“Literally used to get between 150-300 profile views a week and now it’s at 2800. I’m glad I took the change when I saw it, I get so many brands reaching out to me now to be their ambassadors”


“I just don’t have time manually to do what your software does, no one does!! It makes life so much easier!! I should be at 20k tonight, I think I’ll be at 30K by next month…”